If there’s one thing I’ve learned after the last five years traveling the world, it’s that I know exactly how to pack a bag. Today I’m reviewing my top ten travel essentials in no particular order other than how they popped into my mind. Let’s get started:

1. travel towels

I’ve talked about my two travel towels for years and that’s for good reason. They have come in a handy not just for beach time or normal showering, but I’ve also used the large one as a blanket in airports, a curtain in hostels, and even as a bag cover when backpacking around Thailand during monsoon season. I originally bought mine at a travel store but there are plenty of options now available over on Amazon.

2. Canon G 7x Mark ii

While the Canon G 7x mark ii may not be the best video camera on the market, it is still my go-to over all of my other more expensive equipment. This is because of it’s low profile and lightweight design. I can throw it in my bag, purse or pocket. Additionally it has some of the best low lighting shots I’ve ever gotten on a camera’s automatic mode. The file size of it’s videos is also much smaller than that of my Nikon- allowing me to capture more on one SD card (eliminating the need to carry a whole case of them on a week long trip). So far in the last three years the only problem I’ve had with my canon is the screws coming loose (fixed with lock-tight screw glue) and dust getting into the lens (can blow or vacuum it out).

Available on Amazon:

3. carabiner with water bottle ring

This is a more recent item that was given to me but I’ve been using it a lot during everyday use as well as while I’m on the road. A carbiner with a stretchy ring for carrying water bottles. Easily adding a cup holder to my camera bags and/or purse that doesn’t have one built in. I haven’t been able to find my exact one online but the linked carabiners below come close to the original.

4.  infinity scarf

I’ve had a number of infinity scarfs that have been a total life saver while traveling but my absolute favorite is the the hidden pocket travel infinity scarf by Waypoint Goods. Not only do they use artists designs but they collaborate with other charities. I have the Denver scarf and I love the colors as well as the tree line silhouette. The hidden pocket is a huge win to hide money and sometimes my passport for easy use at the airport.

5. Excursionista Travel Compression Bags

My most recent favorite is from Excursionista (@Excursionista.co on insta!) whom has made travel compression bags in three sizes. These bags work great for organizing, rolling and compressing your clothes to give you even more space in your carry on! The small size is my favorite but I also plan to use the larger size to store our sheets and blankets once the bus is finished! I’ve partnered with Excursionista, so for the next few weeks you can buy through this link and use the code: 25AEWORLD for 25% off! I’m using the small size to store and compress my travel towels in my backpack. This is especially great when they’re still wet and I need to pack- helps to keep them separate from the rest of my gear. I plan to use the medium sized for storing and compressing dirty clothes too!

6. reusable travel bottles

While this may seem like a no brainier, a lot of people still go for the travel size bathroom essentials rather than just buying re-usable bottles. Not only are re-usable bottles the more eco-friendly option, but it’s also the cheaper option. I bought a bunch from the dollar store, but Walmart typically has packs of bottles available right near the travel sized products. I bought ones that can even be washed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning before reusing.

7. Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

I’ve had these for YEARS! They are literally the first travel accessory I bought before leaving on my first big solo adventure and they have held up great. They have made packing so much faster and more organized over the years. I always use them on short and long trips whether I’m taking a backpack or suitcase- and now with my Excursionista Travel Bags I fit even more into the packs. My favorite design is the one with solid divider in the middle, which allows for easy sorting of clean verses dirty clothes.

8. Mini First Aid Kit

I’ve always carried some form of a first aid kit for years but my favorite kit was a gift from She’s Wanderful during their first ever Wanderfest. It’s a simple tin case filled with bandaids, small ointment packets for burns, chapstick, antibacterial, wipes, as well as small bandages. It’s come in handy SO many times over the last two years. I’ve also added in toothpicks and Q-tips for even more handy case. This is easy to make on your own.

9. Wet Wipes

Simple but so effective, whether camping out in the middle of no where or traveling around the city wet wipes have helped to keep my hands and face clean more times then I can count. They are a help tool to reduce the chance of getting sick, smelling bad, or having an infected wound. Also has been helpful cleaning up spills or wiping down my camera equipment. Overall a must have.

10. And Lastly My Sketchbook

While this may not be helpful to non-creatives my sketchbook has been by my side many years. I now buy cheap 3 packs from Micheal’s and keep one journal per trip. This is more lightweight than a heavy sketchbook and easier to organize once I get home. I write all important details and reservations before the trip, as well as rough schedules. Then once I’m on the trip I sketch, scrapbook, and journal along the pages. For more about my travel journal process you can watch this video:


I hope you enjoyed this look at my top 10 travel essentials. Tell me: What is your favorite travel essential?

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