It’s been a couple weeks since I traveled to TBEX and I’ve had some time to really take it in. Since I’ve been trying to add more thoughts and information from my personal daily life I’d like to share some thoughts about the event and my time there.

If you’re unfamiliar with TBEX it is a travel bloggers conference that encourages Bloggers to learn or sharpen their blogging skills while immersing them in a unique and interesting travel environment. It allows them to network with each other as well as travel companies. There are different conferences every year in North America, Europe and Asia. For more info: click here.

​​Bangkok At Night

TBEX Asia was my first travel blogging experience and I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked but it was still an interesting experience. I was able to gain great knowledge to move forward with and some things that I have already started implementing. It was not only a great learning tool but also a great source of inspiration to keep pushing forward with this blog because I believe in it. So from the standpoint of someone trying to take this blog to the next level it was exactly what I needed.

Another aspect of TBEX that was great was meeting new people! I met quite a few people who had really interesting input and ideas about travel, their personal blogging choices and what they think about the travel industry. I met a ton of interesting people but three girls in particular were absolutely wonderful people to connect with. (I’ll include their info below.) It was great to have conversations with people who felt similar about the way I feel about travel.

​​Naj Cooking School TBEX

TBEX seems to be really great at spoiling their guests as well. It was wonderful to be treated to an amazing hour long, full body Thai massage as well as a tour around Wat Pho. I also really enjoyed the Thai cooking class at Naj Thai cooking school. The opening and closing ceremonies were fun and festive with great entertainment and event for bloggers to enjoy. I really enjoyed the opportunity to light floating flower candles and float them out onto the river.

​​Fireworks TBEX Asia 2015

Overall TBEX was a wonderful experience minus a few hiccups. The conference was entertaining, social, and educational. They have room to improve but from talking with others they are learning and they do listen to feedback so that only means each conference will be better than the next. I hope to attend TBEX North America in May of 2016.


Here’s the links to the lovely ladies I met and spent time with at the conference:

Mari from Youtube channel: Mari Johnson
Mari is a fellow Youtuber who is currently semi-daily vlogging her travels around Asia! She has recently featured some pretty awesome and unique places to visit and stay on her channel.

Laura from: Grassroots Nomad
Laura focuses on responsible tourism travel. I personally have learned a lot from her blog already!

Jessica from: MissAdventure Travels  
Jessica has been blogging for quite a few years about her travels and her ESL teaching experiences in Thailand and China.

Live, Love and Travel On!