WARNING: I’m trying something a little different for fun. All this writing has burned me out a little bit and I’m getting a little tired along with a horrible case of writers block. So here’s a little creative writing to help me on my NaNoWriMo Traveling Blogging Journey.

There are two types of people in the world.

Those who sing in the rain, and those who cry in it.
Those who live for adventure and those who live for normality
Those who dream and those who bask in reality
Those who hike a mountain and those who watch them do it
Those who stick to the shallow end of the pool and those who dive into the deep end


Dueling Birds Relief Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Dueling Birds Relief Angkor Wat, Cambodia

There are two types of kids on the playground those who break the rules and climb to the top of the jungle gym and those who sit like subordinates in the sandbox.
Those who place their love in another and those who place love in themselves.
Those who live the life they want and those who live the life others want for them.

Decide who you are.  Live it. Love those parts of yourself no matter what they would be. Because no one can tell you which of those is better or worse, no one can answer the callings of your heart or soothe your soul only  you. You are the only voice your mind needs. Drown out all the others and let yourself sing with wild abandon.

Sink your soul into the depths of happiness and self-acceptance. Feel the weight of self-doubt lift away. You are weightless but powerful.

There are thousands of two types of people in the world. Who are you?

Life, Love, and Travel On.