Lawton Okalahoma Natasha Raymond

2015 is here and the journey has started!

You may have already noticed that I am breaking down this blog into three parts:

The first part is my personal daily blogging about my adventures. These posts will be longer and include a lot of details and my thoughts and opinions on the places I visit. It is run through tumblr ( and can also be veiwed on this website under: BLOG -> DAILY BLOG

The second part of the blog will be my articles, these will include travel tips and advice as well as condenced versions of reviews of places to go and things to do. They will also have catchy titles because, well how else do you capture a reader?

The third part of the blog will be launching sometime in April, and that is video blogs!

So this is all pretty exciting for me and I am excited to bring you all on my adventures!

As always comments and suggestions are always appreciated! =]