I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award! 

How exciting! 😉

For anyone not familiar with the award (Don’t worry I wasn’t either) it’s an award given from one blogger to another as a way to welcome the new blogger into the community and to (of course) help garnish new viewers to new blogs! I personally think it’s a lovely idea and I’m so excited that Sarah over at Journey to Design  nominated me!
Thank you darling!


My re-design of the award for fun ^.^

First to answer Sarah’s questions:

Best food eaten abroad?

Blueberry Pastry from Paris

All the different pastries in France. They have the brilliant ability to make deserts that aren’t overly sweet but still have lots of flavor. I enjoy bulgogi in Korea as well! Beef and leaf restaurants are great to try. I’m really looking forward to trying real Thai food later this year!

What do you miss from home?
Comfort. Having your own space and a routine schedule is very comfortable. I actually don’t mind routine to a certain extent and that can be very comforting and predictable (in a good way). Sometimes I really miss having a “home” when I get stressed out while traveling.

Best architecture you’ve seen while travelling?

I love how every country has its own feel and its own style but I think my two favorites are the gothic style in france and the colonial style houses in Savannah GA.

Any advice for newbie-travellers?
I’m still a newbie myself but my best advice to give so far would definitely be don’t get caught up in trying to see “everything” while you travel. You won’t, so don’t stress and don’t pack too much into one day. You’ll end up feeling like you experianced nothing rather then everything.

Best travel hack?
A large travel towel and a travel clothesline make a great privacy curtain when staying in a dorm room.

If you could only travel to one country, which one would it be?
Ireland. It’s where I can trace my history back quite a few generations and I’m so drawn to the landscape and society.

Is there a place you don’t want to go back to?
No. I would take any chance to travel and I haven’t ever been to a place I wouldn’t at least visit again. But there are definitely places that I would never live in ever again! Lawton, Oklahoma being one of them.

What’s your hometown and is it worth a trip?

 Pickpocket Dam in Brentwood, N.H.

Brentwood, NH. Brentwood is a really small town and there isn’t much there, but New Hampshire is a great place to vacation to. I wasn’t a fan of living there, but the state offers lots of hiking trails with beautiful natural landscapes and mountains. It’s also a great place to see fall foliage.

Who was the most interesting person you’ve met travelling?
There was a lady I met while traveling in Tokyo. She was certainly interesting. She told me she was originally from Tokyo, but was currently living in New York City. She had crazy curly black hair and brightly colored, patterned clothes. She was one of my dorm mates at the hostel I was staying at. She was horrible to room with, but she was super bubbly and happy. Humming and singing all the time. She even threw the windows open to breath in the fresh air of the morning. She didn’t have manners for someone sharing a room, but her attitude and positivity was definitely interesting.

Where will your next trip take you?
I’ve got one more small trip to Seoul then I’m headed to Shanghai, China, after that it’s onto Cambodia!

And finally my nominees!

I nominate:

A Travelogue by Brock and Tangi
The World As Bec Sees It
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My Questions:

– What is your favorite country and why?
– Who is the greatest influence on your travels?
– What is your favorite hobby and how does it relate to your traveling?
– Favorite travel quotes?
– Would you rather travel every single spot of one country for years or visit all the countries in
the world for only a day? Why?
– What is your favorite topic to write about?
– Five Random Facts about you.
– What do you think makes you “you”?
– In your opinion where is the best place to relax?
– What is one thing you’ve crossed off your “bucket list”, and what did that meant to you?
– What is your next planned adventure?

Look forward to all your answers! You can leave them in the comments below or make a new blog post if you wish to pay it forward.

Until next time, remember to Live, Love, and Travel On!