For a traveler setting in roots can be challenging. While I’ve realized full time travel out of a backpack isn’t my thing I find settling down particularly difficult. New Hampshire was never where I would have thought I’d end up settling into a routine. But here I am, setting roots. Investing more time into my artwork and building up the local art community. I’ve started to get involved again and have even joined the Seacoast Artist Association.

The Seacoast Artist Association is based out of New Hampshire and has a gallery space located in Exeter, NH that features artists from all around. Every month they host a theme show that anyone can enter in correspondence with a monthly featured artist. This month the theme was “Into Your Garden”.

I chose to work on a piece that combined the realistic flowers, at an exaggerated size mixed with elements of fantasy. And this was the result:



I’ve created a time lapse video with some commentary on my process if you’re interested in seeing how this painting progressed from a sketch to a finished painting! I hope you enjoy it.


Live, Love and Travel On!