Wednesday March 4th 2015 – Part 2

As the sun was setting the zoo started to close and I walked around more of Ueno Park, snapping some photos of the statues, trees and other interesting things I saw. I finished the day with a cherry blossom coffee from starbucks in the park and watched the water fountain preform it’s light show.



As it started to get darker and colder I headed back to the hostel and grabbed dinner from another restaurant that was packed with people (while all the other ones on the street were almost empty). There was no English on the menu but it had pictures so I was able to pick out what I wanted to eat from that.

I went back to the hostel and ended up staying up working on editing pictures and drawing before heading to bed full and happy!

Tokyo's National History Museum across from Ueno Park

Tokyo’s National History Museum across from Ueno Park


Live, Love and Travel On!