Illustrating the Naga

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For me there is nothing better than finishing a project. It is a combination of time and hard work that leads to something that you’re hopefully very proud of. I recently finished a new illustration of the multi-headed naga. ​​   The multi-headed Naga is a popular symbol used in Cambodian temples and artwork. They [...]

Busan’s Rapeseed Blossom Festival

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I  first heard about the festival through one of my new favorite websites: BusanHaps.com which features an updated listing every week of things to do in the Busan area. Best part is all the information is in English, which can sometimes be hard to find. The festival runs usually the first or second week of [...]

A Night at Ueno Park

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Wednesday March 4th 2015 – Part 2 As the sun was setting the zoo started to close and I walked around more of Ueno Park, snapping some photos of the statues, trees and other interesting things I saw. I finished the day with a cherry blossom coffee from starbucks in the park and watched the [...]