Natasha Stoppel is a traveling artist exploring the world one drawing at a time. After leaving her corporate job in 2014 she launched Artist Explores the World, this blog and Youtube channel designed to feature art and travel. Since then she has trail-blazed a creative path into bullet journaling, videography, jewelry making and pyrography. When not working on her new tiny home, she’s focused on turning her experiences into creative works and seeks to inspire others to explore their artistic soul and pursue creative journeys.

Previous Trip: California, USA

Currently in: New England

Upcoming Trips: Unknown

WITS North America 2021 – POSTPONED TO 2022

My work is on display year round at:

Lane House Art Center
380 Lafayette Road
Hampton, NH

Upcoming Events

I was featured on NH Chronicle! – January 14th, 2021

Creative Nest Showcase – September 9th, 2021, 6 – 8pm
Lane House Arts Gallery, Hampton, NH

Equinox Festival – September 18th, 2021, 11 -6pm
Swasey Parkway, Exeter, NH

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pyrography | gunpowder | Laser Cutting
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Explore the art world with me. I feature: “draw with me’ tutorials, laser cut project ideas, bullet journaling, art supply reviews and more.

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Wreck This Journal

Art on the Blog

MURAL – Montreal’s Street Art Festival

It’s a little bit ironic that I’ve spent my entire life just a few hours from the Canadian boarder and yet up until a few months ago I’d never actually been. I mused to myself as I cruised with the windows down, music blaring. It was also ironic to be heading south even though my final destination was a northern one. I was picking up Becca to bring with me on […]

Into the Garden – Joining the Seacoast Artist Association

For a traveler setting in roots can be challenging. While I’ve realized full time travel out of a backpack isn’t my thing I find settling down particularly difficult. New Hampshire was never where I would have thought I’d end up settling into a routine. But here I am, setting roots. Investing more time into my artwork and building up the local art community. I’ve started to get involved again and have […]

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Going Tiny - Our Bus Conversion

Bus Conversion channel

Minimalism | Bus Conversion | Travel

My husband and I are in the process moving minimalist and converting a school bus into our own tiny home. For the latest updates, check out the new channel.

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Skoolie on the Blog

How much does a Bus Conversion Cost?

How Much Does A Bus Conversion Cost?

The biggest questions we get since starting our build is: “how much does a bus conversion actually cost?” The real answer depends on what making a home into a home means for you. You can do a simple conversion for a couple thousand, or you can budget what you would into a small house.

For me personally, I want a home that meets all my needs […]

100th Youtube Video

Posting my first online video was challenging. I filmed it at least 15 times and while editing it I criticized every little piece of it. My hair, my voice, my thought process. I was afraid to be judged, hated or, even worse, ignored. To put myself out there and hope for success only to be met with failure was a very real possibility. I also saw a chance to speak out, […]


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