Hang in here with me this is a personal one!

It’s sometimes a struggle to really stay motivated on the road. When unexpected things happen it can really derail your entire motivational thought process and it becomes very difficult to stay positive.

That’s what I’m currently dealing with. I’ve gotten way off track with NaNoWriMo. I kept writing a little bit but due to some unforeseen unfortunate events I found myself becoming just a little bit more depressed last week and failing to find the passion to write from the heart and weave more stories! I’m having to restart my thought process and move forward with a new motivation. Yes I stumbled.  Yes I didn’t complete the entire challenge, but let’s move forward and finish strong.

I’m going to finish strong.

I’m going to finish the race even if I may have fallen flat on my face. I’m bruised, scratched up and have a little bit of a bruised ego but better to walk across that finish line with a smile for pushing myself to smile despite the challenge.

I’ve read the key to living a happy life is not only doing the things you love but loving the things you do. I’m really trying to push myself to feel that way. There are so many things to be happy about in a day and it could be as small as enjoying your favorite coffee or as big as the best day ever but either way you need to focus on that bright moment more than anything and not let darkness consume your mind, thoughts, and actions.

Today I’m happy to have finished my newest vlog and I’m working on uploading it to Youtube. It’s the little things sometimes.

Beauty in the Small Things​​

Live, Love and Travel On!