Goals are the bones of my being. They give me structure, organization, and purpose to my life. When I was in college I joined up to be a student leader with Service Opportunities for Students and as part of the organization we were signed up for leadership training. As part of leadership training we were asked to write down 100 life goals. I got to about 40 before I started to struggle and do research and because of that research I was led to the 30 before 30 blog. While now a dead blog it helped me to make my own list of goals. Even though I made  this list when I was 21 I’ve only made a couple of small adjustments, most have remained true to what I originally wanted to finish before my thirtieth birthday.

Thirty things to do before I turn thirty:

(Last Updated: July 24th, 2018)
1. Travel outside the US – COMPLETED – January 2012
2. Take an ariel silks dance class – COMPLETED – March 2014
3. Road-trip across the US – Sort of COMPLETED – July 2012
4. Visit 6 out of the 7 continents – In Progress –
ASIA – COMPLETED – February 2014
EUROPE – COMPLETED – January 2012
(Optional) ANTARTICA
5. Create and publish an art book
6. Go parasailing and/or hand-gliding
7. Scuba diving with turtles – COMPLETED – October 2015 –
8. Make money as a freelance artist – COMPLETED – July 2014
9. Get married – COMPLETED – December 2014
10. Graduate from college – COMPLETED – March 2013
11. Keep a blog up to date and consistent for at least a year –
12. Go sking and/or snowboarding –
13. Create a daily drawing every day for a year –
14. Get a masters or continue education
15. Buy a motorcycle
16. Get back into horse back riding: Buy or lease a horse
17. Volunteer in a foreign country – COMPLETED – June 2015
18. Work at or for a game studio
19. Go to San Diego Comic con
20. Get a large scale tattoo
21. Go surfing, take a surfing lesson – COMPLETED February 2017
22. Ride an elephant – After researching elephant treatment I chose to volunteer at a sanctuary instead – COMPLETED June 2015
23. Complete an artists residency or trip dedicated to my art.
24. Pay off all debt! Including student loans.
25. Create the Artist Explores the World brand – COMPLETED – October 2014
26. Take a real African safari
27. Have my work exhibited – COMPLETED – June 2018
28. Learn another language
29. Learn to cook and bake better – Work in Progress
30. Make my own list of 7 wonders and visit each of them:
Walk the Great Wall of China
Compare the architecture of the Eiffel Tower AND Leaning Tower of Pisa
– Eiffel Tower –  COMPLETED – February 2012
– Leaning tower of pisa
Boat tour of Niagra Falls
Look past the tourists and enjoy the Taj Mahal – COMPLETED December 2017
Hike the trails of Machu Picchu
Visit Stonehenge during summer solstice
Hike the Grand Canyon

Due date: December 11th 2019

Live, Love, and Travel On.