Artist Explores The World LLC

Natasha Stoppel is a traveling artist and jewelry maker exploring the world one drawing at a time. She primarily focuses on watercolor, pyrography and ink. When not working on her new tiny home on wheels, she’s focused on turning her experiences into creative works, and seeks to inspire others to explore their artistic soul and pursue creative journeys on her Youtube channel and blog Artist Explores the World.

If she could share just one word of advice it is:

Live the life you dream of,
because anything is possible with the
right determination, work, and attitude.

Create, Love, and Travel On.


Lectures and Workshops

Art Awards

  • People’s Choice Award in Seacoast Artist Association All the Colors of the Rainbow Theme Show – Summer 2018
  •  First Place – Tea Box Design Competition – Savannah, GA – Spring 2013
  • Finalist Lacoste La Poste Competition – Lacoste, France – Winter 2012


Art Collaborations

  • Square Carousal Guest Contributor – 2018 – 2019
  • Featured Artist, Seacoast Artist Association – Exeter, NH – June 2018
  • Explore your Garden Show, Seacoast Artist Association Gallery – Exeter, NH – August 2017
  •  Hubbly Bubbly Art Gallery – Oklahoma City, OK – Fall 2014 – Currently on display
  • Sketchbook Show – Savannah, GA – Winter 2013
  • 2012 Senior Show – Savannah, GA – Spring 2012
  • Creatures of Myths and Ledgends Show – Savannah, GA – Fall 2012
  • Lacoste Winter Vernissage – Lacoste, France – Winter 2012
  • It’s All in Your Head Exhibition – Savannah, GA – Fall 2011

Brands I’ve Worked With: