Posting my first online video was challenging. I filmed it at least 15 times and while editing it I criticized every little piece of it. My hair, my voice, my thought process. I was afraid to be judged, hated or, even worse, ignored. To put myself out there and hope for success only to be met with failure was a very real possibility. I also saw a chance to speak out, to help others, to share adventures and courage with other women who felt like me. I couldn’t let the fear of failure stop me from achieving what I wanted to achieve. To create a space for women, and people of all types, to connect and share a passion and love for all things art and travel. As I sit here to today I’m so glad that I didn’t let that fear stop me, and while I haven’t achieved the success I would like, I still feel successful. I’ve learned feeling successful comes from your own personal definition of what success means to you.

It’s hard to believe it but I’ve reached my 100th Youtube video. I’ve pushed myself to keep making content even when I hated myself, even when I was discouraged, even when it felt I would never get anywhere. I struggled as I watched others start making content after me and soar to success, but I kept on making my own content. When depression sets in it is still a struggle for me to keep going, keep working. Making every effort to improve with each video produced. But there are moments like this. Moments like this milestone that give me the motivation to keep trying. There are people (you!) who read my content. Who share my bullet journal ideas (over 35,000 re-pins on Pinterest!) and use them to create their own. Who follow along with my travels and learn about places they haven’t visited. Or to remember places they’ve also been and share with me their experience. My Youtube channel has been a massive creative outlet that I have poured a ton of my passion into, and at moments like this it’s great to step back and be very happy with the results. Even if a video doesn’t do well in views, or comments. Even if a few weeks later I find an mistake or learn something that would have made it even better- I am learning. I am here, and I am creating. I am sharing stories, art advice, and travel tips to any who is willing to listen, and for now, that is more than enough.

My 100th video, featuring my 100 favorite moments from the last 2 1/2 years:

All the moments featured in this video are listed below. As additional content becomes available for each moment I’ll link it here.

  1. Building Artist Explores the World Business – (aka this website! 😀 )
  2. Getting Married to cory- video or Blog: Natasha & Cory Get Married
  3. Holding an Asian golden eagle – Blog: Eagle Hunting 101
  4. Spending time living with elephants – Blog post or video
  5. Starting a bullet journal – video
  6. Creating my first plan with me – video (or watch my latest plan with me! I’m so much better now.)
  7. Learning how to scuba dive – Blog: Getting Open Water Certified 
  8. Chilling with deer in Nara Japan
  9. Seeing a wild sea turtle – Video: Diving the Similan Islands
  10. Visiting the super bloom at death valley – Video or Blog:
  11. Hitting 1000 subscribers – Video
  12. Cutting off all my hair –
  13. Watching the sunset at the grand canyon – Video
  14. Visiting Angkor archaeological park –
  15. Cherry Blossoms in Japan –
  16. Seeing a wild horse in Mongolia
  17. Learning to cook in Bangkok, Thailand
  18. Attending my first travel blogging conference – Blog: Thoughts on TBEX Asia 2015
  19. Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park
  20. Seeing the Winter Illumination Festival in Japan – Blog: Stunning Japanese Winter Illumination or on Trip101
  21. Visiting friends in Savannah GA
  22. Visiting the Scarborough Renaissance Fair in Texas with Kara
  23. Attending the Massachusetts Steampunk Fair with my mom
  24. Capturing the Floating Tori gate in Japan – Video: Three Minutes in Miyajima
  25. Hiking a mountain with my friend Heather – Video: Hike Like a Girl
  26. Climbing waterfalls in Chiang Mai
  27. Learning to Surf in Panama –
  28. Visiting the redwoods of California – Video: 
  29. Finishing my first short film (that I’m proud of) – Video
  30. Attending the Lotus Lantern Festival in Busan South Korea –
  31. Celebrating at the Eagle Festival of Mongolia
  32. Hiking in Arches National Park – Video: Hiking Devil’s Garden
  33. Diving with wild Sharks in Panama
  34. Battling waves at Lotte Water Park with Cory
  35. Getting plastered with mud at Boryeong Mud Festival – Video: Boryeong Mud Festival
  36. Creating my first successful night time lapse in Mongolia
  37. Life in Color in Seoul, South Korea – Video: Korea’s Life in Color
  38. Learning to Backpack solo
  39. Repelling a 150ft waterfall in Costa Rica
  40. Learning how chocolate is farmed in Costa Rica
  41. Climbing a waterfall in Cambodia
  42. Exploring North Adams with Becca – Video: The Cascades of North Adams
  43. Sliding down a hill on my back – Video: Madame Sherri’s Castle
  44. Attending a Military ball with Cory
  45. Watching the International Fireworks festival of Busan with Cory – Video: Fireworks Festival
  46. Trying a traditional Japanese breakfast in Nagoya, Japan
  47. Learning to book bind in Seoul, South Korea
  48. Attending a ball game in Busan, South Korea
  49. Visiting Zamami Island, Okinawa – Video: Three Minutes Okinawa
  50. Meeting awesome people from around the world
  51. Learning about Mongolian song and dance –
  52. Visiting a cat café – Video: Cat Cafe Busan
  53. Feeding pigeons in chiang mai
  54. Feeding Coati, my favorite animal, in Busan, South Korea – (see below)
  55. Busan Zoo on my birthday – Video: Busan Zoo
  56. Playing in snow of NH
  57. Attending the NH Renaissance Faire with my parents
  58. Rollerskating at my cousins birthday! – Video: Rollerskating Party
  59. Hiking to a waterfall in Utah with Cory and Amber
  60. Starting a wreck this journal – Videos: Wreck This Journal Playlist
  61. Jumping off cliffs in Costa Rica
  62. Seeing the panama canal in Panama
  63. Attending the Savannah St Pattys Parade with Missy and Dawson
  64. Visiting a seaside temple in Korea
  65. Attending my first gaming conference PAX East
  66. Finally getting my wand at Harry Potter Universal Studios
  67. Mini Golfing with Cory and Daniel
  68. Camping with family at Lake Nacimiento CA
  69. Watching the Boston Pops live
  70. Celebrating the 4th of July with heather – Video: Lake House Fun
  71. Photoshoot at the Rapeseed blossom festival in Busan South Korea – Blog Post: Busan’s Rapeseed Blossom Festival
  72. Receiving my first Pusheen box – Video: Winter Pusheen Unboxing
  73. Starting the Geek fuel series with Cory – Videos: Geek Fuel Playlist
  74. Unboxing my first Tokyo treat box – Video: Tokyo Treat Box
  75. Pumpkin carving competition against Cory – Video: Husband vs. Wife
  76. Having fun with Cory at the Deerfield Fair
  77. Seeing The Bund in Shanghai, China Video: 24hours in Shanghai
  78. Watching the sunset at Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley – Video: Ubehebe Crater
  79. Visiting the lowest point in North America (The Salt Flats at Death Valley) – Video: Super Bloom
  80. Creating my first H and Icons Video – Videos: Header and Icons Playlist
  81. Painting more dog portraits – Video: German Shepherd portrait
  82. Painting travel inspired illustrations – Videos – Watercolor Playlist
  83. Hiking the Quechee Natural Gorge, New Hampshire
  84. Walking Through Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan
  85. Live aboard in the Similian Islands – Video: Similan Islands See also: Extended Dive Guide
  86. Beautiful snow day in NH
  87. Street Art of San Jose
  88. Lotus Lantern Parade
  89. Watching the Seals in California – Video:Pacific Coast Highway
  90. Lighting a floating candle in Thailand
  91. Visiting Lake Lawtonka –
  92. Las Vegas night with Cory
  93. Road Tripping with Cory
  94. Jade museum in Costa Rica
  95. Poppies of Ulsan, South Korea – Blog Post: A Day Among Poppies
  96. Cory coming home – Video
  97. Visiting Rio Celeste
  98. Visiting the temples of Thailand
  99. Visiting St Louis Arch
  100. Train and Andy Grammer Concert

In closing:

Thank you to everyone who has helped me to make it to this point. All of the subscribers, comments and likes have given me more amazing feels and motivation then words can ever express. You all are amazing. Now I want to hear from all of you: What are some of your favorite moments you’ve experienced in the last two years? Do you enjoy to travel as much as I do? What have been some of your favorite destinations? Chat with me in the comments!

Until next time, remember to live, love and travel on!