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Liebster Award : I’ve been nominated

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award!  How exciting! ;) For anyone not familiar with the award (Don’t worry I wasn’t either) it’s an award given from one blogger to another as a way to welcome the new blogger into the community and to (of course) help garnish new viewers to new blogs! I personally [...]

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7 countries in one year || A Short Film

A travelogue of the last year of travel through 7 different countries. Exploring: USA Thailand, Cambodia Japan, Mongolia, South Korea and China. It sounds so epic when you put it like that, and it honestly was, quite an epic year. […]

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Artistic Feature Friday: Illustrating Happy New Year

Art is a large part of my travels. Whether it’s by visiting museums, sketching on the go, or finishing illustrations inspired by my travel. Art is an intigrated part of my life. In an effort to expand my knowledge of the artistic world I’d like to share the artistic journeys of other artists, particularly traveling artists. I [...]

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Moving to WordPress

After much hemming and hawing I have officially started the move from Wix to Wordpress. It was a tough decision since Wordpress.org comes with a huge learning curve. I love the ease of Wix and enjoy the look of the website but due to the inability to reduce site loading time and the inability to [...]

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Video: Gingerbread House Challenge

Spending Christmas so far from family is difficult part of living the full time travel lifestyle. Things don't always work out the way you planned. Fortunately I still got the chance to visit my husband in South Korea and spend some time with him. For fun we decided to build a gingerbread house and make [...]

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Natasha & Cory – Get Married

This is going to be a quick post, more of an update than anything travel related but I wanted to talk just a smidge about getting married. Today is my one year anniversary with my husband Cory.  As an anniversary present I put together a video of our wedding together. It was filmed by my [...]

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