Christmas Headers and Extras

It’s here! I’ve had so many requests for Christmas themed Headers and Icons video so I really hope you all enjoy them. Enjoy Christmas themed monthly headers, daily headers, corner designs, and dividers as well as some font combinations for “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays”

Here’s the video:

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Thanksgiving Themed Headers and Icons

I’m so excited to share this new Thanksgiving themed Headers and Icons video! I hope you all enjoy and as always let me know what you think or if you have any ideas for future Header and Icons videos!

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Pet Themed Headers and Icons for you Bullet Journal

Time for another themed Headers and Icons video! Today I’m working on Pet themed headers and icons for your bullet journal.

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Halloween Headers and Icons for Your Bullet Journal

After receiving such great feedback on my Fall Headers and Icons video I’m super excited to share my next headers and icons video! Halloween is one of my favorite things to illustrate! Pumpkins, black cats, witches and more!

Here’s the Halloween themed Headers and Icons video:

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Plan With Me: October

My exploration into bullet journaling continues with a new plan with me. September was a successful month and I actually finished an entire bullet journal! Since I’m on to a new journal I also included a new journal set up in my latest video. Check it out below!

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Participating in The Sketchbook Project

Have you ever had a goal that you’ve attempted and failed at?

I’ve had many and most of them have included art goals and challenges. Every year I make new art goals and EVERY year I fall short of what I would like to accomplish. I don’t see this as failure however, mearely an active process to get better. Why? Because I keep going, and every year I get one step closer to crossing off those goals and I get one step better at mastering my craft.
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Fall Headers and Icons For Your Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals have been so in, my channel just keeps growing because of all you wonderful bullet journal enthusiasts and I’m so excited! I wanted to try something different than your typical bullet journal video so I decided to try a doodle with me of fall inspired headers and icons for your bullet journal!

Check out the full video and let me know what you think:

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7 countries in one year || A Short Film

A travelogue of the last year of travel through 7 different countries. Exploring: USA Thailand, Cambodia Japan, Mongolia, South Korea and China. It sounds so epic when you put it like that, and it honestly was, quite an epic year.

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Why Spend the Summer in Sydney?

Guest Article: Roxana

Judging by both international and domestic visitors, Sydney is a leading tourist destination in Australia. Destination NSW, a government agency for the New South Wales tourism came up with the following numbers: Sydney received over 3.1 million international and 9.2 million domestic overnight visitors in the period between September 2014 and September 2015. In addition, every summer Sydney becomes a major tourism hotspot for travellers all round the world attracting 15 million tourists.

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Madame Sherri’s Castle in New England

There is a rich history behind the story of Madame Sherri. I got the opportunity to explore what is now called Madame Sherri’s Forest with my friend Becca. We enjoyed a day exploring a few parts of New England together.

Join our adventure:

For more information on Madame Sherri visit here.

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